Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need a liquor license to sell my wine?

The short answer is that unless you choose to engage the services of an Auctioneer or wine merchant who will consign your stock and act on your behalf as a sales agent, you WILL require a license – even for avenues such as eBay, Gumtree, trading post or classified adverts. Any direct attempt you make without a license can result in you being reported to Authorities and criminal prosecution.

What is the minimum number of wines I need to auction?

We will sell 1 bottle through to your entire collection of bottles for you.

What if the wine doesn’t sell?

You can re-list the items for sale at no extra cost – however it may be necessary to alter the reserve price slightly to find the right “selling” price. Remember that an items market value is dictated by availability and ultimately what someone is willing to pay for it.

Is setting a lower reserve better?

If you want to move your stock quickly then yes. We often find that when wine is auctioned for a genuinely lower price it ends up getting more and higher bids than its peers. It’s a mix of psychology; the buyers tenaciousness, urge to win and competitive nature. Of course you have to be comfortable with the lower reserve if it sells uncontested.

Are there places that will purchase my entire wine collections?

Should you need to liquidate your collection in a hurry, Anderson’s can, through our large network of traders and secondary market buyers, make your collection available as a bulk purchase. Please note however that these types of transactions typically return a result of between 25% – 40% less than market valuations. This is due to the purchasing entity taking on the risk as well as tying up cash flow and potentially additional storage costs.

What is provenance and how does it affect the price i get at auction?

Read our article on the next page regarding provenance.